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Best cloud-based practice management and electronic health record platform

Paperless hospital management

Paperless hospital management

Manage appointments, reduce no-shows with automatic patient appointment reminders and speed up check-in with online intake forms.

Go paperless - electronic records for your patients and practice documents.

e-prescription with Vista HMS

e-prescription with Vista HMS

Order from anywhere: Cloud-based e-prescribing lets you manage medication orders, refill requests, and pharmacy communication from any location.

Send to anywhere - Connect to most e-prescribing enabled pharmacies in the country to quickly fill medication orders electronically.

Fully customizable solution

Fully customizable solution

Our expert implementation team will provide personalized implementation support.

If you looking for most advance voice to text, biometric solution or your multi speciality hospital our team is dedicated to supporting your practice.

Connect to lab and imaging centers

Connect to labs and imaging centers

Access the network of labs and imaging centers and order lab work or imaging with few clicks from Vista HMS.

Electronically track order fulfilment and receive structured results with highlighted abnormal values.

Synchronize patient care with a unified hospital management system

Consolidate doctors and staff responsibilities with a comprehensive system that organizes patient information before, during and after the visit.

Easy Scheduling

Flexible Billing


Patient Queueing

Chart efficiently

  • Save time with speciality-specific modules
  • We have charting modules to suits need from small healthcare clinic to 500+ bed hospital.
  • Minimize clicks with automatic favourite lists
  • Select from a provider-specific list of frequently used diagnoses, prescriptions, and pharmacies for rapid charting and less manual entry.

Chart rapidly

  • Auto suggest for thousands of symptoms and signs.
  • Review patient health history in single snapshot.
  • Easily track patient health data over time to monitor progress and identify potential gaps in care.
  • Chart the way you want and cut out the typing with complete dictation and voice to text support.

Free Patient Portal Services

  • Make an online appointments
  • Patient gets Lab Reports and bills through portal/emails.
  • Reduce no-shows with automatic patient appointment SMS email reminders
  • Using secure private messaging patient can directly contact doctor.

HMS Speciality Modules

Complete software for a different speciality hospitals. Speciality modules consist of unique charts, visit flows, diagrams, forms etc. You can choose multiple specialities for multi-speciality hospital. All speciality software contains IPD, OPD, Inventory, Billing and other base modules.