Senior PHP Developer - Pune

We are hiring a full stack software engineer/developer with deep knowledge of modern PHP development, systems architecture, JavaScript, HTML5, MySQL database design and systems administration. As a senior member of our agile web team, you will bring deep experience with web programming and solid computer science fundamentals to the table. You should have deep knowledge of PHP and experience working on large codebases. Your responsibilities will include writing backend web services, APIs and designing the architectures for new web features.

Responsibilities -

Dedicate yourself to building new functionality and integrating the latest libraries into our PHP framework. Develop efficient web services and APIs. Participate in daily code deploys while working on individual or team projects. Take ideas and concepts from the business and turn them into tangible components of the site.

Required skills -

*   Experience developing and supporting highly reliable, scalable systems supporting millions of users.
*   Experience developing REST or SOAP APIs.
*   Knowledge of caching types (memcache, apc, cdn…).
*   Strong experience in MYSQL, experience with Cassandra‎ is a plus.
*   BS Degree in Computer Science or related field.
*   5+ years of professional PHP software development experience.

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