Cloud based e-prescribing

Reduce the errors and number of lost prescriptions.

Send e-prescriptions instantly from your patient’s chart

Submit a prescription order easily during the patient visit.
. Improve prescription accuracy with automatic drug-drug and drug-allergy interaction checks.
. Submit common orders faster with patient-specific templates and frequent prescription lists.
. Enables physicians to electronically prescribe controlled substances in a single workflow.

Help your patients get medications they need faster

Send prescription orders to any e-prescribing enabled pharmacy.
. Send prescriptions electronically to your patient’s local pharmacy so they get their medications faster.
. Staff spends less time responding to prescription refill requests.
. Merge relevant prescriptions from your patient’s pharmacy with automatic medication reconciliation.

Manage your patient’s medications — from anywhere

Conveniently manage medication orders anywhere, anytime.
. Verify your orders with e-prescribing reports that track prescription fulfillment from the pharmacy.
. Complete prescription refill requests electronically with an easy 2-click workflow.
. Help prevent prescription fraud with integrated patient information sent directly from HMS.