Pediatric Hospital


Vista Pediatric is fully integrated EHR and practice management solution; access patient records, document hospital rounds and prescribe medication remotely. Vitals and laboratory result ranges by age and gender; track clinical quality measures; sick and well child visits workflow; immunization auto coder and tracker. Growth chart data in multiple formats: children with Down syndrome and WHO. Early and periodic screening, diagnostic and treatment (EPSDT). Parents’ documentation requirements; financial responsibility data; quick ability to print standard forms, such as school physicals.

Scalable from single physician clinics to large, multi-location and specialty; cloud-based or client server models deployable. Seamless communication between practice and labs, radiology, pharmacies, and referring doctors.

Vista Pediatric includes-Patients registration, Entering treatments, writing treatment Plan, imaging, drawing, Scheduling, Billing and so much more.Vista Pediatric enables you to make masters of your diagnosis, prescriptions, instructions etc. & gives a print out on the click of a button. Prescriptions and Instructions are recorded date wise. Besides maintaining your computerized clinical records,it helps in keeping your entire accounts along with payment status for each patient. Appointment Scheduler provided with Vista Pediatric can keep track of your appointments for consultation.

All things considered, Vista Pediatrics is the best EHR nationwide at delivering both unparalleled automation and simplified workflows..


Registration Page -

This Registration page allows you to create patient's profile dynamically simply entering biographical information and add patient to today's check-in list. Also this page allows you to search patient using name or patient id and add to today's check-in list. In the check-in list today's patient list shown.In pending visit list of patients of which visit is pending due to lab test or radiology test are shown. In Check-out list the list of patient shown whose visit was completed.This form includes:

  • Auto generate new Patient's Profile
  • Casepaper Date
  • Casepaper fee automatically populated from clinic settings
  • Casepaper renew date automatically calculated and shown
  • Upload Photograph using webcam
  • In search patient tab, search patient using patient name, Mobile, Email or Casepaper number

Patient Management

Patient Profile -

This component is the very dynamic intuitive part of this app. It display demographic and clinical data in a user friendly format. It consists of the following powerful amazing features to operate your task right at your fingertips

  • Shows Patient's previous medical history.
  • Profile in editable format
  • Previous appointments
  • Previous visits along with summary
  • Previous medication details and history
  • Past radiology tests details and reports
  • Past pathology tests details and reports
  • Patient's notes such as allergies or medical alerts for patient.

Vaccination Chart

Vaccination Chart -

Immunizations are designed to protect against serious illnesses ranging from polio and tetanus to measles, mumps, and the seasonal flu. Many people consider them the most important part of well-child checkups.

Every year, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) publishes a new schedule showing which vaccines are recommended and when to get them. This schedule is endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Family Physicians.

Vaccination History

Vaccination details -

Manually tracking the immunization schedules for all your patients can be nearly impossible, causing missed opportunities to schedule patients in need of vaccinations. Vista HMS eliminates this problem by automating immunization tracking through its Vaccination charts.

  • Prompts upcoming vaccinations so appointments can be scheduled in advance.
  • Issues alerts for overdue vaccinations
  • Overdue vaccinations alerts by SMS and/or emails
  • Calculates the provision of multiple vaccines
  • Provides justification for vaccine recommendations
  • Ability to print or email vaccinations history

Growth Chart

Growth Chart -

Pediatrician's will love this growth charts! It allows you to track children's' growth over time and display the data points on any of the included WHO and CDC growth charts. You can track height, weight, head circumference and BMI and determine the corresponding percentiles.There is also a percentile calculator for quick percentile lookup in case you just want to know the percentile of today's measurements.


Prescription Form -

This Prescription form allows you to select prescription language dynamicaly by simply click on Select language dropdown. This form includes:

  • More than 15,000 common medication list
  • Ability to auto complete medication name when start to type
  • Medication form supports unlimited medications
  • Ability to print medication in different languages
  • Medication drug interactions alerts
  • E-Prescriptions for integrated pharmacy
  • Facility to email prescriptions
  • Doctor can update alternate medicine if previous prescribed is not available